Guest Post: Cristina

Here is my homemade protein bar recipe, took me forever to perfect.... hope it fits your needs.

******this is a WAY easy and has many variations which I listed at the bottom.
preheat oven to 350

Peanut Butter version

1/2 cup ANPB if it's cold you will have to soften it up a bit in the micro, just dont get it runny.
3/4 package silken (soft) lowfat tofu about 10-11 ounces. whipped up
2 egg whites, beaten
2 tblspoons honey or you can use splenda for lower carb, no sugar factor... 2-3 packets, if you like a sweeter bar you can add more. I use Stevia to taste, 1-3tsps.
3 scoops Vanilla protein powder, I use twinlab 100% whey which makes it a bit wetter batter, if you use soy, you will need less oat flour. OnWhey works well too.
1/2 cup natural applesauce, no added sugar
1/2 cup whole oats
1/2 cup oat flour
I also add 1/4 cup chopped dried plums... prunes... chopped up very small, they add a really nice taste and some potassium.
mix all the wet stuff together, then add in the protein powder... last comes the oats and the flour slowly add the flour till you get a brownie batter consistency.....
spray an 8x8 pan with veggie oil and coat with oat flour. put in the over for 20-30 minutes.
monitor closely!!! oven temps vary!! The bars should brown on the top just a bit, but the middle will still be a little wet when tested with a knife. Tofu hardens upon cooling.
let cool completely in the pan then cut into bars. you can get your exact amounts of carbs, protein and fat when you cut into the sizes you want... take the bars and divide by the totals...voila!
I try to get 8-10 bars they usually come out somewhere in this range:
118 cals
22g pro
6g carbs
.5 fat

Vanilla berry
I subbed the ANPB w/ 1/2 cup mixed raspberries/blueberries
and added 2tsp Vanilla extract.

you can sub whatever you want, in place of PB, also add c chips, nuts... Chocolate is made by using Chocolate protein powder and adding 1/4 c hershey powder.

these are dense bars, and keep in the fridge for up to two weeks in an airtight plastic container.

Lemon and pumpkin are good too..

Pumpkin.. sub the Peanut Butter and applesauce with a small can of solid pack pumpkin and tsp pumpkin pie e

Lemon sub the Peanut Butter with 1tablespoon lemon zest and two tablespoons juice increase oat flour by 2 tablespoons

Chocolate almond use almond butter and chcoc protein powder along w/ whole almonds...mmmm